A primary aim of Birch Distribution has been, and will continue to be, to minimise the adverse impact of our ‘doing business', on the natural and social environments, in which we operate.

To this end we have vigorously, and successfully, pursued a number of innovative initiatives over past years to help us achieve this aim.

As a result, we can cite the following, tangible, and auditable examples of the progress we have made;

a) we were among the first companies in our industry sector to achieve ISO 14001, having now been accredited for 6 years,

b) we have achieved our ‘zero waste to landfill' target, at our main Sheffield site, and have for 6 years been participants in our local, state of the art, Energy from Waste scheme,

c) we have reduced energy consumption across all 3 of our sites by almost 20% over the last 6 years, by investing in more efficient equipment, plant, machinery and vehicles, and by thinking harder about the way we conserve and use energy & resources,

d) we have pioneered the recycling of both virgin, and reclaimed, post installation flooring waste, through our partnering agreements of the Recofloor, and Carpet Recycling UK industry schemes, which together with a product offer that features recycled and low impact raw material content, means we are able to offer clients a sustainable solution, to their flooring needs.

e) we have used the mechanism of down-cycling, extensively, via Carpet Recycling Group and other recycling partners, as a ‘least-worst' option, whilst we wait for the recycling technology to catch up with our requirements.

Despite all of the above, and timed to coincide with the launch of a revitalised Birch brand, we are undertaking our most thorough review of our sustainability performance to date. We are determined that, more so than ever, our performance in this key area should be transparent, auditable and properly targeted.

To this end we have retained the services of Mr Roger Wareing AIEMA PhD of Wareing Consulting (www.wareingconsulting.co.uk) to carry out a ‘root and branch' benchmarking exercise of our performance, in order that we can measure our achievements in a meaningful way, against others within our industry, and against industry and commerce as a whole.

From this review we have established a clear, timetabled, ‘Sustainability Roadmap' which will form a core element of our business plan, going forward. It is our intention to keep all our stakeholders updated on the initiatives we are taking, and the progress we are making via this site, and specifically through our Blog.

As is usual we declare our positive intentions in the form of an Environmental Policy Statement.
More unusually, we intend that the declaration within our Policy Statement will actually mean something, and will be closely related to the actions we can demonstrate that we are taking as a company.....watch this space for developments throughout 2013!

Copies of our Policy Statement; of our ‘Benefit' Recycling and Customer Care offer; and of Recycling Project Case Studies, are available on request.


Gordon Hershaw Roger Wareing
Managing Director Principal
Birch DistributionWareing Consulting